Our Mission: Creating positive life pathways for teen parents and other at-risk youth.

Our Vision: Be a transforming influence in the community by guiding youth toward becoming spiritually grounded and socially responsible members of healthy families.

Provide an accessible, secure and nurturing physical environment in Midtown Little Rock where at-risk youth are empowered with hope and confidence to pursue education and careers as productive members of the community;

Facilitate prenatal and parenting education to teen parents (on and off site) and provide quality, licensed infant/toddler early childhood education so that teen parents may complete their education, establish realistic life goals, and become self-confident, nurturing parents.

Create opportunities for juvenile offenders, teen parents and other youth to learn effective communication skills for managing anger, negotiating compromises and resolving conflicts without resorting to violent behavior; and,

Build effective relationships with immediate and extended families of the youth in FDC programs knowing that it takes a village – and knowing that at times intervention at the family level is necessary to unleash a young person’s potential.